Fear the Playoff BTM

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Yes, you heard correctly. Beware the Playoff BTM.

I hope you know what a BTM is. Cos its been guiding the Penguins through these playoffs.

Know why chronic playoff underachiever Marian Hossa scored twice in the close-out game against the Rangers? He was successfully guided by the power of the Playoff BTM on each tally.

With all the love given to the Playoff Beard, its about time the Beard’s bastard son is recognized for its own significance. Sure, it may look gayer than Erasure (awesome song, though), but if the face of your team can’t submit to his own Playoff Beard, one needs to take what one can get.

Baby-faced teens everywhere were given hope the moment the Pens cashed their ticket to the Eastern Conference finals. Adam Morrison now believes an NBA title is in the foreseeable future. The tall-ass kid who went to high school with my younger brother is probably a millionaire at the mere mention of the Playoff BTM.

You can keep your epic Playoff Beards, Scott Niedermayer and Mike Commodore. Oh wait, you can’t, because they mean nothing right now.

But the Playoff BTM is still in commission.

Go Pens!