Get Inside MAF’s Eyes (Yuck)


This video, from MAF’s time in Wilkes-Barre during the NHL lockout season, shows what it’s like for an NHL (ok, AHL) goaltender. After finding this on Youtube, I noticed that Pensburgh had a stellar post about it yesterday. Eerie. Chest bumps go their way as well.

The Kenny Loggins was a bit much, but one could easily refer to the crease as the “Danger Zone.” Next time you’re sitting with your buddies claiming that you could duplicate MAF’s save after save after save after save, re-watch the above video and know your role.

The only question I have…would you strap on the helmet cam and face shot after shot for 7 years/$35 mil? Prior to seeing this video, I’d say yes. After watching how quickly professional hockey players crash the net, I’d most likely reconsider. A mere water bottle break can cause a scoring opportunity, and goalies have to be right back in the game even if the puck is being cycled at the far end of the rink.

A Chris Osgood helmet cam would show a Penguin breathing on him, then the camera immediately focusing on the ceiling. Get it? It’s 2 months later, and Osgood is still a diver. I’m joking, but Steelers training camp is only getting me worked up for Penguins season as well. What, you thought I’d ride it out with the Buccos?

God, I miss those yellow pads.

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