Greg Lloyd Fights Kids, But DID NOT Put A Gun In His Son’s Mouth

Greg Lloyd just wants to be around his kids. And he’ll muss up some punk karate kid along the way if he has to (there must be an infinite amount of terror in the mind of the kid holding the yellow cushion).

Sure, we all know Greg Lloyd is a Martial Arts instructor. Now, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution wants to know what he’s up to…at this very moment.

Obviously, still teaching Tae Kwon Do. I enjoy the fact that his students must refer to him as “Master Lloyd.” And the article delivers one of the best lines in journalism history, no matter how many times it is reproduced in however-many newspapers/websites:

Greg Lloyd Jr. was 15 at the time authorities alleged that his father shoved the gun in his mouth as punishment for his poor grades.

Master Lloyd is on a mission to let the world know that he’s not the monster that people make him out to be. Like, that gun-in-the-son’s-mouth incident? False. All lies from a scorned wife during the nasty-divorce-proceedings.

Now, I don’t know if I necessarily believe that Lloyd’s wife was spouting off fake truths just to gain the upper hand in the divorce. I mean, putting a gun in your son’s mouth because he got bad grades is just something that we, as Steelers fans, would just expect out of Greg Lloyd. It’s not so much a “Holy shit, that’s nuts” type of happening. It’s more of a “Haha…Greg Lloyd WOULD do that” type of deal.

Lloyd is also saying that his ex-wife stole $80 grand and a $12,000 Rolex.

It might be most concerning that the ex refused to comment in the story. Maybe Greg Lloyd IS telling the truth! In his words, all he wants is to have a relationship with his children, whom, his ex has taken away.

Then again, maybe Greg Lloyd also kicked that kid in half right after the picture was taken. Because Greg Lloyd is fun.

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