Heinz Field Causes Head Trauma

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This was on Deadspin two days ago, but I hadn’t found the time to post it here. I was too busy worrying about Ryan Mundy, watching Steelers fans tackle the Octa-Bong and resting on my birthday laurels.

Still, this is a typical skateboarder/disaster video that one would typically find in Ufford’s work. However, the setting for the epic head-slam is what gets me. Don’t focus on the skateboarder, and you’ll see that the kid is all up on the North Shore, trying to kill the area around the Carnegie Science Center and Heinz Field.

Now, I’ve never been much of a skateboarder. I tried as a kid, but falling sucks way too much, so I gave it up after two boards and countless bruises. I gotta say, though, even if I could thrash with the best of them, the mere sight of Heinz Field would distract me long enough in mid-air to cause extensive damage to the back of my skull as well.

Gah, that’s a rough video. I hate skateboard-wreck videos, especially back in the first installment of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for original Playstation when you unlocked the extra highlight reels, only to be ambushed by the spot clips of dude’s breaking their ankles. I’m gonna vom just thinking about it.

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