Helping People Rules UPDATED

Another Friday…another half-assed post because my mind is focused directly on the weekend.

Awesome win by the Penguins…despite the fact that the Islanders announcers are the most biased I’ve heard recently. Highlights are below…I love every time Georges Laraque scores. The video doesn’t show his trademark “Jump-Into-The-Glass” celebration, though.

You can find me elsewhere on the web today, and I’ll use this post merely as a connecting flight, of sorts.

Last week, I took part in One For The Other Thumb’s inaugural spinoff of SI’s Pop Culture Grid. I’m back again this week. Check out my answers to cool questions.

Also, my good buddy Sean is going to a Devils/Flyers game in Philly this weekend. He asked a buncha cool bloggers who he should root for, seeing as how they’re both division rivals of the Pens…and the outcome of this game could totally alter who the Pens play in the postseason.

UPDATE: My sister, Sheena Beaston, has a brand new interview with yours truly. Now, she runs a music blog, but blood rules allow for a sportsblogger to be interviewed on a music blog.

Make sure to check out Sean’s post, Cotter’s Pop Culture Grid and Sheena’s interview as well.

Pens game highlights should be under these words.

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