Hockey Night In Pittsburgh? I’d Say So

Best. Song. Ever?

You might have to check out the life-altering happenings at Soul Merchants. It appears our Penguins have a new fight song.

A few notes about last nights win:

I kinda remember someone saying:

“I don’t mean to sound over-confident, just excited. The Sens will likely be without Captain Daniel Alfredsson, which coincides nicely with the return of Senator-killer Gary Roberts…Happy holidays, Penguins fans!”


“Lots of people were concerned when Roberts broke his leg. He’s old, and prior to his injury, he struggled at the onset of the season. However, before he got injured, I still wasn’t worried about his offensive output. Looking back on what he contributed after Ray Shero traded for him last season…he’s a guy who is much more valuable in the playoffs. Even if Roberts played all 82 games this season, I would have been okay with no goals and no assists. The man is a playoff force, and frankly, anything positive he gives the team in the postseason trumps any struggles he had prior to breaking his leg.”

Who was that guy?

What a way to open the post-season!

Go Pens!

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