Hustle and Flow Revisted

Last week, my buddy JPPB decided to give a new nickname to our defense. Hustle and Flow seemed to sum up everything Dick LeBeau was trying to do with his athletic Linebackers, beastly DEs and, well…Troy Polamalu. As long as the D keeps their feet moving and finds their way to the ball, we should be able to minimize mistakes and severely limit opposing offenses.

The plan worked against the Gowns, who failed to break the plane. Even when they had arguably their best drive of the game, Troy provided ample hustle, spotting an Anderson throw before Anderson himself knew he was going to throw it, and flowing right in its path for a game-changing interception.

But the Gowns game is over. Time to look at the McNabbs. Brian Westbrook is making fantasy owners regret taking LT #1, McNabb seems healthy (which should concern any opposition) and DeSean Jackson is a major threat. Can we hustle and flow to the right areas at the right times? The Eagles ARE a step up from the Gowns.

So this is where I steal someone else’s joke to make my point. Yesterday on Deadspin, Daulerio linked to a article that summed up the Eagles MNF loss and the Jackson brainfart at the 1-yard line. This is what they said about the Jackson drop and how the Cowboys reacted:

The Eagles tried to hustle up to the line to kick the extra point, but Cowboys coach Wade Phillips managed to signal for a challenge of the call.

Commenter Arriaga II responded with:

Philly: You were out-hustled by Wade Phillips. Please leave your NFL Player’s Union cards on the table and get out.

This is what Wade Phillips looks like, in case you don’t know. Now, the comment made me laugh hard for a sec, but then it was back to thinking about the Steelers. If Phillips can out-hustle the Eagles, then Silverback and Co. should have no problem.

*As an aside, I know that Wade challenging that play in time does not mean the Steelers will out-hustle the Eagles. I merely wanted to point out a hilarious joke and how it ties in with the new mentality of our D that was adequately described by JPPB. Carry on.


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