I Am Cool With BethRawks

Yes, you heard that correct. BethRawks is cool in my book. And as I’ve said before, my book is so badass that you would totally buy it if I had it published.

I had been waiting patiently to see who would be the Penguins opponent in the 2nd round. I mean, we haven’t played in about a minute, so any opponent is a good opponent at this point.

Had Boston won, Pittsburgh could have played the 8 seed and been assured of home-ice for the remainder of the Eastern end of the bracket.

Had Washington won, Sid and Co. would play A.O. and Co., a team that we’ve had little to no problem dominating.

Turns out, neither of those scenarios went down, and we play the team in my current hometown, the New York Rangers.

I spend most some of my day commenting on sites like Deadspin and The Big Lead, and actually said that I wanted the Penguins to play the Rangers for one reason

…For somebody (hopefully with a name that sounds like Feorges Faraque) to murder Sean Avery.

So it was with great pleasure that I found these pictures (click for bigger view) from BethRawks on Webshots. There are no pro-Penguins pictures drawn up, but BethRawks does diss every possible Penguins Eastern Conference opponent in pictorial form. These are old (I think from last season), but its always good to see someone hating on the Habs and Phlyers, as well as the Islanders and Senators.

These two are my favorites, simply because Sean Avery looks like a fool in both.

BethRawks…well done. You are cool with PSaMP.