I Am More Confident Than CNN

(click the picture to put it on blast)

I get a lot of strange looks and questions when I tell people that I love miniature horses. Especially when I tell them that I have a sports website that’s also dedicated to the cute little beasts. So I’m used to this kinda shit.

The site is for Pittsburgh fans that are confident enough to say, “Yeah, mini ponies ARE badass little critters.”

Now…to the point. In the MPotD this morning, I congratulated one Barry Obama. In linking to this CNN article, the favor was re-paid. CNN will link back to blogs that mention that specific article, so I was pumped that they mentioned my site as a blog reaction to Barry’s big win.

One thing…they edited the title, “Mini Pony of the Day 11-5-08,” and replaced it with “No Title” (see picture).

C’mon, CNN. You used the exact titles on the other blogs you linked to. You even wrote “Mini Ponies” in my blog name! Was the title, “Mini Pony of the Day” too weird for you to re-publish?

Weak game.

/This is a farce. I could care less…just thought it was funny when I saw the title they had given it. Let’s see if they link to this post as well, since I mentioned their Barry article again.

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