I Jinxed The Steelers On Sunday

Sorry for going all Paul Lukas on you, but I have a plethora of links to make my point. And I don’t want to dwell on the Steelers regular season, because the playoffs are coming. This is the last mention of the regular season.

I’m not a very superstitious person outside the sports world. My birthday is on the 13th (here’s my Ode to the 13th…which is one of my favorite PSaMP posts, by the way), which means it regularly falls on a Friday. I usually have decent luck on Friday the 13th, except for one time in Vermont where I kinda got kicked outta the state. Actually, I brought that up before, when I had a MPotD on a Friday the 13th. I promise I’ll tell that whole story some day.

However, when it comes to sports I get superstitious as hell. I jinxed MAF and the Penguins before. I’m ridiculously superstitious for the Steelers. When the Steelers are on a win streak, I can’t change anything that I wore the week prior. And I always end up wearing the same getup for all games, with minor alterations to hopefully change fortunes after a loss.

My getup consists of my Hines Ward replica jersey (seen here), Steelers socks, my Terrible Towel, Jerome Bettis Foundation wristbands (one on each wrist) and my official Steelers cup. For the Rams game, I even broke out my Big Ben cap to reverse the fortunes from the Jags game (in which I did not wear it). I didn’t wear it all last year either. I wore it for every game of the Super Bowl XL year, and it proved worthy. However, I took it off when we kept losing last season.

After Sunday’s loss, I tried to find what I did wrong. Turns out, one of my Bettis wristbands was on upside-down. I didn’t even notice. Stupid left wrist.

This might seem like nothing to you, but it rocked my world. I had that wristband on correctly all season. I killed our chance at a comeback.

I’m a tool.

Billick getting canned made everything better, though.

Regular season over. Time to focus on Jacksonville…again.

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