I Trust Other Countries with the NFL


Football is an American game. That’s why in all those other countries, it’s referred to as American Football. Not that soccer bullshit.

So when I want information on my Steelers and the current state of the NFL, you bet your ass I’m gonna go to some counties whose languages I don’t comprehend.

The above video comes from some country. That’s about as far as I can understand. If you can translate the Youtube page, that’s be much appreciated. I’d put it into some online translator, but I don’t know which language it’s coming from.

But it shows a Madden simulation of the Steelers beating the Colts 27-20, along with a Troy Polamalu 102-yard interception return for a touchdown, so…yay! And that’s a badass song in the background.

The next is also from some country. I won’t post the video, but you can watch it here. It has a whole bunch of other player analysis, I’m guessing, so I don’t want to take up your time with it. But here’s a screengrab from the Steelers section:

Leftwich oder Big Ben? More like Leftwich ODOR Big Ben. BURN!

And here’s a play they have drawn up:

N needs to get the hell open! No doubt Bruce Arians has already inserted this play into the offensive scheme.

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