I’m Hardcore

Work sucks…there’s no too ways about it. That’s why we have the weekend, you know, to lay around and do squat. However, being a Pittsburgh sports fan a local blogger isn’t really conducive to the “lay-around-and-do-nothing-on-the-weekends” lifestyle. Let’s delve.

This weekend is an awesome one to be a Pittsburgh sports fan. The Steelers are trying to win 2 games in a row (on national t.v.), and the Penguins season is starting up on Saturday. And the Pirates are done til Spring. This weekend couldn’t get any better!

So, I should be sitting in front on my t.v. all day Saturday for the Pens and Sunday for the Steelers, right? Wrong.

I’ll be outta work at 5 today, back at my apartment in Queens a little before 6. I gotta dominate a wine tasting at 6:30…that as nothing to do with sports, but its the beginning of a jam-packed weekend.

Tomorrow, the Pens open their season at 2:30. I’m a part of the Penguins fans in NYC group (big red badge at the top left of the blog), so us fans and displaced Burghers will be meeting up in the city for the first real time since the Stanley Cup loss to watch the game, reminisce about last year and share our excitement about the coming test. I wrote about the group after the memorable Game 4, 3-OT win. Still gives me chills to think about the game and the atmosphere in our group. If any Pens fans live in NYC and wanna watch the game with other diehards, you know how to get ahold of me.

Then, I have to leave the city and head to Hoboken (pretty much as far away from Queens as I can get, East to West, and still be in the metropolitan area) to make a damn Steelers pregame show for you fools. Those bitches take a lot more time than you think, what with taping, watching the raw footage, editing, uploading, etc. I think the first bit of free time I’ll get is right before the start of the Sunday night game in Jacksonville. You see what I do for you guys? Such is the life of a Pittsburgh sports blogger.

Yet there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. I’m ready to kick off a successful Penguins season, and hope the Steelers can build off the Ravens win. Now you know why I refrain from posting on the weekends, save for the pregame show during the season.

So pity me, fellow fans. The sports I love so much are killing any free time I thought I had, and I’ll probably be a tired mess to start another long workweek. But damn, there’s no better way to spend a weekend than with the Steelers and Penguins.

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