I’m Not Making Stuff Up

Last week, I gave you some pictures of Rashard Mendenhall holding the ball away from his body while at Illinois and the NFL Combine. The fans were shocked that Beetlejuice fell so far in the draft. We thought he would have been gone by the time the Steelers got around to picking, but now his stock slide might be due to the fumbling problem. Hold the ball to your body, and there’s less of a chance of some linebacker stripping you of the rock. Don’t fumble, and you’re a valuable contributor to the team.

To prove this was something I was worried about prior to Friday’s post, here’s video of me and Cotter where I mention the images of Mendenhall’s poor form. This is from the Vikes game, where Mendenhall fumbled twice. We were taping ourselves to see if we said anything significant. I’d confirm this as significant.

In possibly-related news, PSaMP (me) and OFTOT (Cotter), are planning on doing an informal pregame show for Steelers games. Since we both live/work in New York City, we want to give you, the readers (watchers?), a glimpse into how displaced Steelers fans provide commentary from The Big Apple. This is where you come in.

We need a title. And quick. The first game is this weekend, so we should be shooting the dumb analysis on Saturday and have it up on the world wide web the same day. Trust me, it’s gonna suck, but we’ll see how it goes. We need a title that sorta ties in NYC to the ‘Burgh. Two tentative examples are “Penn Station Square” (Penn Station – New York; Station Square – Pittsburgh) and “One River Down” (Pittsburgh – 3 rivers; NYC – 2).

Come up with something witty and clever, and if we get any response, we’ll throw your choices into the mix. Leave ’em here, or email them to psampmail@gmail.com. Trust me, we don’t want to resort to my awesome choice of The Big Apple-Flavored Ketchup.

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