I’m Stalling You

The interview should be up for tomorrow (or this evening, if you’re diligent), so be sure to stop by and check out my candid conversation with _______ . There may or may not be a MPotD tomorrow. I want to keep the interview at the top of the page for as long as possible, so I might give you a rare afternoon MPotD. I’ll be back in a regular-posting rhythm after this conversation gets posted, so until then, here’s a random assortment of Steelers hilarity to stall you long enough until I get this everything together. It’s going to be a bit lengthy, I think.

The picture at the top of this page comes from Hugging Harold Reynolds, which in turn came from English Fail Blog. Is it ok? No errors…anything like that? Are fans our the best. Thanks to HHR for sending that along.

Also…balls. Specifically, Steelers balls vs. Eagles balls.

Doug had a sick post about a friend giving Eagles memorabilia to a Steelers fan who lives closer to Philly. He even made a video to commemorate the adventure. His video will come after this other one I found. Some dog decided to chew up a Steelers ball rather than an Eagles ball. Eagles fans apparently would rather trust the primitive brain of an animal.


The battle for PA. Decided by balls. Who woulda thunk?