Jared Zabransky Is The Pittsburgh Steelers

I have no real posts to type on this cold-ass Friday, so I’m just going to direct you to a solid story by Joe Starkey at the Trib.

It involves new Steelers QB Jared Zabransky, and his improbable run from near-Fiesta Bowl-goat, to Fiesta Bowl hero, to unlikely NCAA 08 coverboy, to Arizona Cardinals castoff, to likely Steelers 3rd-string QB. And really, being a 3rd-stringer in Pittsburgh has got to be an o.k. job for a guy who couldn’t stick anywhere last year.

Plus, since Pittsburgh usually likes to keep 3 QBs around, Zabransky will possibly be spending some time on an actual NFL sideline this fall. Goodbye, Brian St. Pierre…hello, Jared Zabransky.

Starkey also informs us that Zabransky’s agent is originally from Monroeville (crazy), and the ridiculous combination of a player and team that both boast a spot in the final 8 of ESPN’s dumb “Greatest Highlight” (although I don’t see the Fiesta Bowl play). Zabransky – Fiesta Bowl; Steelers – Immaculate Reception. Maybe Jared and Dan Rooney can chat it up at some point.

I’ll stop spoiling the article now. Go read it for yourself.