KDKA’s Sports Team Used To Rule

Check out how killer KDKA’s sports team was back in the day (I will assume the day was at least 15 years ago).

Then, the lineup included Stan Savran, Bob Pompeani, Mike Lange, Paul and John Steigerwald. Your feelings might have changed on them since this badass promo aired, but you gotta respect the clout in those gymnastics warmups.

Savran is now the patriarch of Fox Sports Net Pittsburgh, Lange is a Penguins announcing icon who was bumped to radio, being replaced by Paul Steigerwald on T.V. John sticks to radio, still at the station. He’s not cool enough to have a Wikipedia page.

KDKA’s sports team now consists of Pompeani (still!) and some dude named Jory Rand. Bet THAT lineup would make a great promo.

The sadness, the horror, the…cheap Etonic track suits.


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