Kevin Jones Might Sign With The Steelers?

Rashard Mendenhall.
Mewelde Moore.
Kevin Jones?

I’m not going to go into this in great detail, primarily because it isn’t a done deal, but reports say that former Lions flash-in-the-pan Kevin Jones might sign with the Steelers today. Its either Pittsburgh or Chicago. Let’s look at his options:

In Pittsburgh, Jones has no real role. Najeh was released for this very reason. Fast Bill is the man. Rashard Mendenhall is the up-and-comer. Moore looks like he could be the third down back who also solidifies the return-man position.

In Chicago, Jones has a chance to be the guy. I say this with caution, since it is Kevin Jones we’re talking about. However, Chicago let Thomas Jones go last offseason, only to eventually release Cedric Benson. Jones would most likely compete with the other Adrian Peterson.

Now, I don’t want to speculate too much, since this isn’t a done deal and Jones might go elsewhere, but I’m confused as to why Jones is even being considered. Our RB corps is pretty badass by itself, and Jones is coming off knee surgery. Time will tell if he dons the Black and Gold.

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