Legos Rule

I gotta show love for the Lego for a quick minute. Today is the 50th birthday of the coolest toy on the block (you like that?).

These little bastards cultivated my love for auto/home repair with simple blocks. I mean, I could make you a cubed car in like a couple seconds with a flat piece (green one in the pic), a few blocks, a steering wheel and some tires.

I grew outta Legos when they started making those massive sets where you could build like a castle or interactive building of some sort. I was used to the simple sets where your imagination dictated what you built. I could build a ridiculous stick/tower.

The above picture was found here. Lego blogs rule. Lego cakes rule as well.

UPDATE: I found a site where you can create yourself as a Lego dude/dudette. I modeled my guy after my ZZ Top-bearded self in my Questions Answered post. I didn’t use a blue t-shirt because the Lego-creation site had a Pittsburgh Penguins shirt for some reason.

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