Look At This Nerd


Even though I blog about sports, which pisses off a lot of MSMers to the point where they want accountability and, dare I say it, censorship, even I can admit when certain people shouldn’t have access to the Internet. Or air.

Sidney Crosby gets a lot of heat, mostly because he’s the face of the NHL, he’s talented, and his status and skill pisses people off. Troll any blog post, message board or website that mentions Sid and you’re sure to see negative barbs thrown his way. DIVER, WHINER, BABY, CINDY, FAG, WEAK, NO-TALENT CLOWN SHOES…its gotten to a point where we Penguins fans are numb to the criticisms.

However, I really don’t get the point of this video. Is it mocking Sid? Or is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery? ‘Cause I’ve made videos way back in high school with the 70 year old Spanish teacher from Italy that made more sense than this pile of garbage. Honestly, I played the Crocodile Hunter while he beat me up to the beginning riff of Thursday’s Understanding in a Car Crash. See? More coherent.

Fake Crosby might be the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen/heard, but I’m equally weirded out by the muffled laughter of the videographer. I didn’t even crack a damn smile while watching this. I almost cracked a knuckle trying to punch the computer screen, but that’s another thing altogether.

Yes, I read the comments on the Youtube page that said this video is not hating on Crosby, but there are much better ways to make a point, whether positive or negative, about The Kid.

If you’re going to mock Sid in a video, at least jump in a pool (to cement the diver claim), cry into the camera (to ridicule the whiner/baby insults), or make out with a dude (to imply that Sid’s gay).

See folks, I’m just trying to make the Internet a better place. My Equal Opportunity Blogging even gives advice to the anti-Crosby-ites out there.

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