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For those of you not up to speed on this current Eastern Conference semifinals series, with our Penguins up 2 games to none on the New York Rangers, I’m offering a few links to assist.

John Dellapina is a joke. Sean Avery is a joke. Tom Renney is a joke. 5hole is a joke. The NY Post is a joke. Blueshirt Bulletin is a joke.

The London Free Press out of Ontario rules.

With all the stupid shit coming out of Rangers fans and the New York media, The London Free Press gives an unbiased view on why the Penguins remain the team to beat in this series.


The Flower is upstaging regular Vezina-finalist Henrik Lundqvist, showing determination in Game 1 and domination in Game 2.

While the NY media is readjusting their panties over nonsense accusations and non calls, The London Free Press is actually looking at the real difference in this series. If not for MAF’s re-emergence in the latter stages of Game 1 and his sick play in Game 2, Pittsburgh is heading to MSG tied at 1s, or even down 0-2. And with our recent struggles at the Garden, the series would be over.

So I’ll express my extreme disappointment in guys I’ve always admired like Shanahan and Jagr, who are buying into the “Crosby is a diver” and “the refs are giving preferential treatment to the Pens” junk. Both guys were huge proponents of the league-wide changes against clutching and grabbing, giving offensive players more wiggle room. You can’t impede an offensive player without the puck. Straka did that to Crosby in Game 1. You can’t put a glove on a guy’s chest and shove that player to the ice, as Dellapina suggests is legal, which happened in Game 2.

You can’t board Rob Scuderi when he doesn’t have the puck, as Avery did early in the game…with no whistle. The Rangers might have an argument if blatant penalties against them weren’t called.

Also, you can’t win by bitching. I’ve never seen a bitch score a goal. However, Sean Avery did score in Game 1.

And finally, you can’t beat MAF. Even with more Power Plays (yeah, the refs are squarely in the Penguins’ pockets), the Rangers couldn’t get one past the Flower. The dude is 6-0 this postseason for a reason.

NY Media, Rangers fans and bloggers, coaches and players…shut up and play. The only thing worse than diving is complaining about diving when its not even happening. You come off looking like babies. Or girls. Or baby girls.

How about try to solve MAF instead. It obviously hasn’t worked to this point.

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