MAF Wins…Against a Horrible Team

I told you I was pumped for MAF to start his comeback. He did me proud by dominating the lowly Norfolk Admirals in the Baby Pens’ 3-1 win. Faceoff Factor has the details.

30 saves on 31 shots, with the only goal coming on a deflection? I know it was against a terrible team, but you gotta respect the win. I mean, the dude hasn’t played since December. That means NO hockey.

He’s got a more meaningful game against a hot Philly team on Friday. Not the Flyers…the Phantoms. Do it, MAF.

And if you’re bumming over the loss to the Bruins last night, here’s a 20+ year old bench-clearing video to brighten your day. Yeah, Dan Frawley gets owned/pwned about 1:30 in, but it was from known goon Jay Miller. Its easier to accept last night’s loss when you see Captain Terry Ruskowski come flying in to help Frawley and destroy Miller. Take that, Boston. You may have won last night, but you got played in 86/87.

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