Matt Capps Blows First Save, Sleeps With Fishes

Sure, last night’s game was memorable for the game-winning homer by Lastings Milledge, or the dugout words between Elijah Dukes and Manny Acta, but lost in the loss was a stark realization…Matt Capps blew his first save of the year.

Considering where the Pirates stand in the NL (near the bottom), its amazing to think that Matt Capps has been this strong through 65 games. Capps had been 15 for 15 on save attempts before the inevitable blown save.

The people in the above video must have taken the blown save to heart (I know the video precedes last night, but it sorta works). According to the Youtube page, that’s a Matt Capps bobblehead getting tossed into the river. C’mon folks, its just one blown save! 15 of 16 is still pretty respectable. I mean, he does play for the Pirates.

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