Mike Tomlin Will Speak At St. Vincent Graduation

/Wishing I was younger. Or held back.

Apparently, Mike Tomlin will be giving the commencement address at St. Vincent College this May. That makes him the keynote speaker at the 162nd commencement. For those of that don’t know, I was a part of the 161st graduating class.

We got stuck with George Bush (above…from my cell phone).

Now, I got to meet Mike shortly after he was named the head coach. He was touring St. Vincent (which is Steelers training camp. If you didn’t know that, you should probably leave PSaMP) merely days after his hiring. However, I’d be all about having him speak at my graduation. Lucky soon-to-be-graduating Bearcats.

The Bush announcement was controversial, to say the least. I’m guessing more people will be open to Tomlin coming to St. Vincent.

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