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Rough day. I woke up at 5 A.M. to drive a cumulative 9 hours across 3 states, only to catch the first three quarters called by the shittiest announcers on WFAN 660, to watch one of the most heartbreaking 4th quarters in recent history. Damn injuries…

Let me re-print my prediction, which was on the New York Times’ Fifth Down blog this weekend:

Pressure. If either defense can get to the quarterback, they can dictate the game’s outcome. Both QBs have rings (Ben got his first), and have the ability to distribute the ball to any number of weapons when given adequate time. However, I can’t disguise that pressure makes Ben hold onto the ball too long, or that strong pass rushes force Eli into those cute little throws off his back foot. If LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison (Wooderson, as I call them…all right all right all right) can out-play Tuck and Kiwanuka, then Pittsburgh has a better shot at winning. Close game, but 14-13 Steelers.

Aside from the score and final outcome, I nailed the personality of the game. We didn’t sack Eli. Ben had a different kinda game from his fellow QB. That’s the short story.

Remember, I didn’t see the entire game, so I’m going off what I heard via radio.

Ben. The last INT is a whatev, but those first three are critical. I can’t look past those. Much of the blame falls on the next guys who are about to get filleted, but not getting rid of the ball in time will reflects on you as well as them. 1.5 of 5 stars. That defeatist attitude at towards the end won’t rally YOUR team.

O-Line. And especially the usual suspects, Kemoeatu and Colon. Unnecessary roughness on a play that resulted in a first down? Holding to nullify a BEAUTIFUL TOUCHDOWN? Oh, I shouldn’t raise my voice and startle you…you might false start. Any O-Line should be ashamed for letting the QB get hit on nearly 50% of all passing dropbacks. 1 of 5 helmets.

Harrison. Look, get over the gaffe…critical injuries come at the worst time. But as the leader of the pass rushers, it’s tough to not have a sack. Collectively….

…I’m done. I can’t even keep typing this. Hopefully you understand. This is a blog, where you’re coming for my opinion. And it’s my opinion to quit writing this post right now.

‘Skins next.

Bug off.

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