Monday Morning Chrysler New Yorker

One of my biggest complaints about the Steelers is that we rarely finish teams off. Well…aside from Ben not rolling out of the pocket…and the O Line sucking…and Ben holding onto the ball too long…and…well, you get the point. Despite playing a better game than teams like last week’s Giants, the Steelers allow the opposition to have a chance to get right back in it.

Not this week. 23 – 6 Steelers.

The defense more than accounted for an inadequate (and injured) Roethlisberger, and played the all-around game that we were hoping for last week. James Harrison, regularly playing on straight meth, must’ve given some to James Farrior, because dude was out of his mind.

And how good was it to have a guy like Willie Parker back?

Bah…don’t let me spoil anything here. Wait for the rankings.

Ben. Outplayed by a 2-INT Campbell and Jacksonville and Atlanta castoff Byron Leftwich. Thanks for the sneak, but at what cost. Injuries suck, especially with the imminent schedule. Give it to your guys that are expecting to get hit. 2.75 of 5 helmets. 2.5 seemed too low, and I couldn’t justify a 3.

Byron. Well that was refreshing. How, with the same O Line and Byron’s 8 minute windup, did Leftwich appear to have more time to throw? Hell, big boy even rolled out a few times! Byron was an efficient asshole last night, only missing on 3 of 10 tosses with a TD somewhere in there.One helmet for every two seconds of that absurd windup. 4 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

Willie. As I said earlier, how nice was it to have him back? Notice how the offensive struggles happened in the 4 games that Parker missed. Having a guy like him on the field at all times really opens up the offense in ways we tried to dismiss. Big Ben needs Willie on the field more than he knows. 5 of 5 motorcycle helmets for Willie for coming back from injury, outplaying Clinton Portis and reaching the endzone.

D. Who to laud? Farrior, for being a part of EVERY FREAKIN’ PLAY? Wooderson, for a combined 4 sacks? Lawrence Timmons, ready to establish himself as an All-Pro (yeah, I said it)? Troy, playing for his newborn and knifing in to disrupt play after play? Deshea or T Carter’s picks? That was just an amazing all-around performance. And don’t think I didn’t see your punt block, Andre Frazier. You get love, too. 5 of 5 motorcycle helmets. The ‘Skins did nothing after the two gimme FGs early.

Jeff Reed. Yeah, you’re still 100% on the year for FGs, but don’t think I won’t rip you a new one for the missed extra point. That’s just weak. 3 of 5 motorcycle helmets.

Berger. How are we trotting this guy out there? How have we not had a backup plan? 25 yard punts won’t cut it. Not even taking the time to give an appropriate ranking.

Indy next week, kids. They’re aren’t the same team from years past, but they’re still capable of giving it to us. See you then.


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