My Super Bowl Pick Is In

I know you’ve probably asked yourself this question about a million times by now: “Who is Tec and PSaMP endorsing for the Super Bowl?”

So many tough decisions. Do I go with Brady and the much-hated Cheatriots? Or do I go with the QB picked before Big Ben in the same draft who still doesn’t have a ring like Ben but the “experts” are all fawning over?

End of suspense. I went with Eli and the Giants. My pick is over at good friend Chris’ blog, The Hot Route. He’s got a whole buncha cool blogs that added picks. Mine is the best, though.

He asked us to try to keep the reasoning to 10 words or less (even though a couple bloggers went over), so that’ll explain my sentence structure/grammar.

You’ll have to go over to The Hot Route to see my reasoning. I can’t give it all away here.

However, Sheena gave me the inspiration for the “Precious Moments” reference.


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