New Steelers Owner Trades Hines Ward

Um, so I guess the Steelers were sold overnight, and new owner Stanley Druckenmiller has made a blockbuster deal to trade Hines Ward to the NBA’s Orlando Magic for Rashard Lewis. Tradition is gone in Pittsburgh, and the new owner is taking the Tampa Bay Lightning-do-anything-approach to the front office.

I’ve seen Hines play basketball, about 5 or 6 years ago at a Steelers vs. Faculty charity basketball game at my old high school. Even with no knees, he can hold his own. I’m more concerned with how Lewis’ skills will complement the Steelers’ WR corps. He is 6-10, so coupled with draft pick Limas Sweed, Lewis should create a pretty tall group of targets for bitchy-ass Big Ben.

In all seriousness, the screengrab is from a Google search for Hines Ward. FSMG, the group responsible for the flub, also has designed websites for Dwayne Bowe, Reggie Nelson, D’Brickashaw Ferguson, Ray Lewis, Lito Sheppard and a few other players. Google searches for the other athletes are normal. Is FSMG trying to tell us something?

Next, Sidney Crosby’s website will feature Jagr’s name, Big Ben will share sites with Tiger Woods and the entire Pirates website will just be a gigantic picture of Sid Bream sticking up a huge middle finger.

I think this is all somehow the fault of bloggers.

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