I’ve told you about my hate of Power Rankings before, here and here. So knowing my opinion, check this out.

I don’t mind Michael David Smith at Fanhouse. He’s a good investigative blogger and writes 2 million posts a day at places all around the world wide web. But this is awful.

He put out Fanhouse’s latest NFL Power Rankings. Giants 1, Steelers 2, Titans 3, Ravens 4. Lovely praise for Pittsburgh:

– “There haven’t been many more impressive performances in the NFL this season than the one the Steelers’ defense put together against the Patriots on Sunday.”

But complete horseshit (mini horseshit?) about the Ravens:

– “…we shouldn’t overlook what a strong year Haloti Ngata is having for the Ravens. Baltimore has the best defense in the NFL, and no one deserves more credit for that than Ngata.”

Really? Let’s look at those NFL stats again.

Looks like a clean sweep to me. Just a little more research next time, MDS.

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