Oh No, The Elderly Have Figured Out Youtube!


“What in the wide wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here?”

The downfall of modern civilization is upon us. Old people are figuring out the Internet, and worse…Youtube! I’m glad this mystery old dude is a Steelers fan, but…

…is that…De. Camp. Town. Ladies? I thought that was an old fashioned n***** work song (just watched that clip like 30 times in a row…never gets old)? Seems like old Steelers guy got a little toasty before he donned the fake ‘stache and turned on the webcam.

“A man drink like that and does not eat, he is going to die.”

Alright, I gotta stop, ‘cos now I’ll want to go out and buy a VCR to watch my old-ass copy of that movie on VHS.

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