One Video Explains Cooke and Godard’s Roles For The Penguins

Earlier today, I linked to G5H’s Matt Cooke man-love, including the new Cooke-y Monster Facebook page. The signing came over the weekend, when most bloggers take time off and, you know, do things not involving a computer. I didn’t update on this deal, which Faceoff Factor lists at 2 years, $2.4 mil.

Today, I decided to put my sportsblogger research skillz (Google news-trolling, Youtube-watching, blog browsing, pizza-rolls-eating skillz) to work, and actually found the above video, in which newest Pen Cooke gets into a scrape with prior Pittsburgh free agent signee Eric Godard.

Knowing the roles both players are taking over (Godard – enforcer, Cooke – pest), this is the equivalent of watching a Laraque/Ruutu fight before both came to Pittsburgh. Now, this was more of an excited exchange rather than a blow-for-blow fight, but its still unique to see our two new acquisitions having some words. Wonder if that will cause some tension in the locker room?

At least we know that Godard is ready to fight, even after dishing out a late hit. And Cooke might not fight like Godard does, but he’s clearly good at provoking the opposition.

And here’s an interview where Cooke-y confirms his role as a pest. Looks like we have a new Jarkko.

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