Other Philadelphia Statues To Deface

What with all the furor over who is going to deface (or already has defaced) the Rocky statue in Philly, I’m proposing a few less famous statues that would look good in a Pens uniform. Besides, everyone knows Rocky is a target of Pens fans.

Imagine Philadelphians waking up to see Crosby or Malkin jerseys adorning every statue in their city! I’m giddy about the possibility.

Here’s a list of other potential targets. Have at it, Pens fans.

Jeanne d’Arc. Could use a little black to go with that gold.

Lafayette. Could use a little gold to go with that black.

Iroquois. Then, maybe we can distinguish what the hell this thing is.

Thomas Fitzsimons. Dude looks like he could use some protection from acid rain.

Frank Rizzo. Why make a bet with a current mayor when you can get at the former.

Ben Franklin. And then make him look like he’s engraving the Penguins’ names on the Cup.

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