Passion Beat Divas, Clinch Second Straight Undefeated Season

Congrats to the Passion, who defeated the D.C. Divas 17-12 this past weekend to finish the regular season undefeated. This marks back-to-back undefeated seasons in two separate leagues for the Passion. The win streak has hit 21 games.

The team was only one of two teams in the Eastern Conference to finish the season at 8-0.

With the win, the Passion will host a home playoff game on Saturday June 28th. They’ll play the Orlando Mayhem, a team the Passion is completely unfamiliar with. Orlando went 7-1 this season. Should Pittsburgh win, the next round of the playoffs resumes on July 12th.

Here’s all the regular season games wins, for your convenience:

Game 1: 62-0 win over Central PA Vipers

Game 2: 34-8 win over Boston Militia

Game 3: 38-34 win over D.C. Divas

Game 4: 38-0 win over Columbus Phantoms

Game 5: 28-0 win over Baltimore Nighthawks

Game 6: 28-21 win over New York Sharks

Game 7: 54-6 win over the Holyoke Hurricanes

Game 8: 17-12 win over D.C. Divas (above)