Passion Beat Hurricanes, Push Winning Streak To 20 Games

20 games.

20 wins.

Your Pittsburgh Passion beat the Holyoke Hurricanes this past weekend to up their record to 7-0 on the season. It was the team’s 20th consecutive win. 54-6 was the final.

If you’ve never heard of Holyoke, you’re not alone. The Passion website mistakenly has Columbus on the schedule, a mistake that I ran with last week. The Western Massachusetts team is new to the league this season. Not new as the Passion (who played in the NWFA before) is new to the IWFL, but new as in brand new.

Lisa Horton was firing the ball everywhere, with TD passes on the second play of Pittsburgh’s first two possessions.

Trumane Rogers was an absolute star on D, collecting ten tackles and a fumble recovery.

Next week, the Passion travel to D.C. to take on the Divas. For those of you with short memories, we barely pulled out a win against D.C. earlier this season. While already in the playoffs, the Passion need a win to extend their streak to 21 games, and to host a home playoff game in the first round.

Oh, and congratulations are in order for Passion owner and co-head coach Teresa Conn, who was inducted into the Minor Pro Football Hall of Fame this past Saturday. Conn is only the third female in the Hall.

PSaMP applauds you, Teresa!

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