Passion Beat Mayhem, Advance To Eastern Conference Finals!

The win streak has reached 22 games.

The Passion destroyed the Orlando Mayhem in their first-round playoff game, 41-6. Thanks to loyal reader smarchit for the info.

Despite heavy rain, Lisa Horton threw two long touchdowns to deep-threat Lori Johnson. The TDs were 48 and 63 yards respectively.

Longtime PSaMP friend and Passion running back Torina Henley doubled her season totals by rushing for 3 touchdowns. While not as prolific as last season, and even through contemplating retirement after last season’s championship, Torina showed she still has game, finishing with 92 yards in the rain.

The Eastern Conference Finals are in two weeks, and the Passion will travel to Chicago to play the Force. Success in that game will pit the Passion against either the West’s Seattle Majestics or Dallas Diamonds on July 26th.

Also, thanks to Torina for emailing me the above picture (from an older game against the Cleveland Fusion of the NWFA) as well as the link to this video. My skills fail to let me embed this video, but click the link to check it out.

Go Passion!

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