Passion Move To 2-0

What with the NFL draft and intense-ass Pens-Rangers hockey this past weekend, I forgot to mention that the Pittsburgh Passion won their second game of the season…

…With only two games played.

Yes, your Pittsburgh Passion is still undefeated since moving from the NWFA to the NFL.

With a 34-8 win over the Boston Militia, Pittsburgh has shown that it can hang in the competitive IWFL, moving to 2-0.

Official stats, photos, stories are hard to come by in women’s football, but I do my best to keep you informed.

The team gained 322 yards on 125 plays for an average of 2.6 yards per.

Pittsburgh will have to improve its focus, having taken 5 penalties against Boston. That won’t fly next week, as the 1-1 DC Divas come to Cupples Stadium.