Pesonen Signing Finally Reported?

The news of Janne Pesonen’s signing has finally been mentioned. What the hell took so long?

Is the Finnish-English divide that great when it comes to signing hockey players? I know we had a bitch of a time with Russia and Geno, but we knew this on Friday.

Awesome Penguins blog Faceoff Factor had the news before the weekend. TSN’s UFA tracker finally has the news today. And FF’s tracker was pretty much just as reliable as TSN’s at the onset of free agency. Its still nowhere to be found on ESPN. Or did Shero just not want to announce it?

I don’t know transfer agreements or that shit, I’ve just been waiting for someone of significance to report on the signing since I originally heard of Shero scouting Pesonen.

Oh, and Janne’s my guy going into the season. I say he lights it up in the NHL. Write that down…July 7th.

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