Please Vote For Tec


Many, many months ago, I submitted a couple of PSaMP stories to a start-up, online media channel called Rafter.

I checked back with my submission, and actually have a decent amount of support (in a thumbs up/thumbs down way of judging).

Rafter mussed up the format, and there’s some backslashes that shouldn’t be there. Also, links didn’t show up, and the same went for italics, boldness, etc. However, you should click on the button at the top of this post (or the one I put on the sidebar) and give me a thumbs up. Or write an endearing comment. Or tell me I suck.

Here’s the original posts I used.

Bucs Win In 16, Fully Endorse Adderall
Can ESPN’s Hashmarks Actually Be Called A Blog?

Do it.

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