Poor Excuse For A Post

Several posts you should read…because I said so.

Good win by Pitt yesterday. The 18-0 run in the first half was awe-inspiring. I want to believe in this team so bad, and could conceivably win any matchup presented to them. However, I’ve been hurt by this team too often in the Jamie Dixon/Ben Howland-era to get my hopes up.
Apparently, Pitt won because they rank #6 on Endless Simmer’s Top Drunk Food by NCAA Tourney school. The South Side Slope (pictured above) from Fatheads boosted Pitt’s standing. Primanti’s wasn’t on the list, I guess because they didn’t want a school appearing twice. We would’ve had the #1 and #6 seeds locked down.

Also, be sure to head over to One for the Other Thumb, where my buddy Cotter is now riping off emulating SI’s Pop Culture Grid. I was a panelist for the first installment, and you can catch it at the link provided.

Huge matchup tomorrow for the Pens. Devils need to go down. In fire.


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