Rashard Mendenhall is a Champion

Rashard Mendenhall recently signed a three-year deal with Champion Athletic Apparel, making him the first major pro athlete to sign with the brand in over a decade. How ’bout that?

This is a sweet deal for a late first round pick like Mendenhall. All the top picks are fawned over, but Champion struck a perfect deal with a lower-profile first round pick (as low profile as you can get from a skill player taken in the first round) that could be a stud in this league.

I actually have on a pair of Champion sweat pants as I type this (I wrote this last night after work), so there’s more free pub for the brand. I don’t see the execs pounding down my door to sign me to a deal, even though I’d settle to be paid in a few more pairs of these sweat pants. I got ’em for Christmas last year and they’re comfortable as hell.

Yeah you’ve probably seen this news elsewhere, but I thought it was newsworthy enough to pass along. It’s not an ad, and I still get paid nothing at PSaMP (by my own convictions). You won’t see ads here, but if you got a press release that sorta ties in Pittsburgh and/or sports and aren’t a jerk about it, I’m more than happy to get the word out.

Good for Champion AND Rashard.

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