Rinku Singh’s Windup and Delivery

Much has been made about the Pirates signing those two Indian reality show winners, Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel. Sure, they won some contest that was looking for the strongest, most accurate arm in India, but can that be equated to MLB success?

The short answer…who knows?

We’re in uncharted territory here. There’s never been an Indian player in the bigs, and cricket bowlers haven’t exactly flocked to the major leagues in the past.

All we have to go on is some scout’s take, as well as the above video. It shows Singh, the lefty of the duo, in his windup and delivery. Now, My expertise goes as far as watching a guy at the stadium or on t.v., so I’m not gonna give you some bullshit analysis on his fastball (the pitch shown).

From what I can tell, he knows how to throw overhand.

And beggars can’t be choosers.

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