Shaq Loves Ryan Clark’s Hit on Wes Welker

Last month, there was tons of hoopla surrounding a fake Twitter page that claimed to be from Shaquille O’Neal. It ended up being exposed as a farce, but it forced the real Shaq’s hand, and made The Big Aristotle open his own, official Twitter page. You can read it here.

The Diesel is using a combination of text messages and computer typing to update his ever-changing status, and it’s apparent that he made the right career choice. Writing isn’t his strong suit, but he did throw out some support to a certain, beleaguered Steeler via text message.

November 30 – Did u c hit dat hit yan clark put on wes walker

I’m guessing “yan clark” is Steelers safety Ryan Clark, whose hit was just defended by league official Mike Pereira.

See, Shaq didn’t find the hit dirty enough to get mad at Clark. If only everyone else in the world would just listen to Shaq Fu.

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