Sidney Crosby is Good at Soccer, Too

Last season, there were a ton of articles that chronicled how the Pens and other teams got loose before big hockey games. I’d search for those articles, but I’m a lazy piece of shit.

However, I found a picture that I remember seeing last year. It shows Petr Sykora, Jordan Staal, Ryan Malone, Evgeni Malkin and Max Talbot(‘s little face behind Sykora’s mouth) partaking in a little soccer action before a game. And you thought I was shitting you about the hockey/soccer articles.

Now, we see that Sid has soccer skillz as well. Watch him dribble the hell out of a soccer ball.

And why wouldn’t Sid be good at soccer? For all you Sid haters out there, he already has the diving part down pat (amirite, amirite?).

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