Site News: Cool-Ass Interview Coming

Next week, I’ll be bringing you a pretty badass video interview with an awesoMe personality in the sports world. I cAn’t tell you outright, because then iT would kill the Tease.

Myself, MIke from NY BaSeball DigEst and E Chigliak froM Federal Baseball sat down for a roundtable discussion with a certAin someone, and videos of the eveNt will be posted early next week. Frank D. frOm Pensburgh also emailed in a Few questions.

The Sitdown was helPful in getting into the mind of someOne in this peRson’s position. A weekly regular feaTure concerning thiS sitdown will run for a bit on PSaMP.

Au revOir for now. I’ll see yoU next week, where we’ll go aPeshit over this.

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