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Please forgive the notable absence of a legit post today. Work has been stressing me out, and I’m currently working on a nifty interview/candid discussion with arguably the most polarizing figure in the Pittsburgh sports landscape. Yeah, you heard right. It’ll be the glorious return of “Inside the Athlete’s Studio.” It’s been a year since the last major interview on PSaMP, or, since the dude that organized last season’s Pirates walkout. This subject is much bigger than any of the previous interviewees. The interview is still ongoing, so there’s no set date for it to run. Stay tuned for that, though.

Here’s a sample:

On their upbringing – “I loved sports as a kid, played them a lot to the detriment of my academics. I was a decent athlete. I played football in high school but loved basketball more.”

On blogs – “I think blogs, like the mainstream media, have to create their own credibility. I make a point of reading [redacted]’s blog because I know I might find useful — accurate — information there. I can’t say the same for a lot of blogs.”

On Buzz Bissinger – “I saw the Costas show with Bizzinger [sic] and I was shocked at Bizzinger’s [sic] attack mode. There was no call for that and I certainly don’t share his views.”

I can’t give you any more without giving away the subject. Have fun.

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