So Close

If you’ve noticed the counter on the upper-left-part of the page, the number of days counted is getting ridiculously close to 365. It isn’t just some random assortment of numbers. The internet was officially dominated the day I started PSaMP, and the one-year anniversary is oh so close. (Actually, the one-year anniversary will fall on day 366. Stupid leap year)

Whatcha gonna get me? I want some toys, or maybe some cd’s or something.

Actually, I’m letting the one-year anniversary pass by with nary a party. If you were around for my 6-month anniversary, you’ll remember that it was kind of a big deal. I don’t have the energy to do something like that again. At least not for awhile.

So yeah, I might make a quick post on the official anniversary day, but that’s about it.

Oh, and there will be a change to the Mini Pony of the Day once year #1 comes to a close. Since I began the site writing for 2 people a day (if I was lucky), not many people saw the first few MPotDs. In the place of new, fresh pictures of cool mini ponies, I’m going to post classic MPotDs from that date one year ago. I used to type in all lower-case letters, so I’ll be sure to re-post the original captions with corrected punctualization/capitalization. However, keep sending me cool mini horse pictures if you feel so inclined. Its always good to have a surplus of future MPotDs in my back pocket.

Until then…remember to join the brand-new PSaMP Facebook Group!

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