State Farm, The MLB, Fuhbaw and One For The Other Thumb.

Here’s some stuff you should check out while you fritter away your Friday:

My buddy Cian had a solid post about chaos in the NFL, and even name dropped Dick LeBeau and the Steelers. You should probably frequent his site.

Also, head over to One For The Other Thumb, where I was a panelist again for Meeting People Is Easy.

And finally, check out the cool happenings going on with State Farm and the MLB. There’s a contest going on called Call Your Shot. Sign up at the link I just provided, and you could win a trip to the Home Run Derby. If you pick a spot in the ballpark and said Derby contestant hits a home run to your spot, you could win tons of cool prizes including a Chevy Tahoe and season tickets for the 2008-09 season for the team of your choice.

I wonder how they’ll get their hands on Buccos tickets, seeing as how there’s never any empty seats at PNC.

Again, the link is here. Be sure to sign up.

Thanks to Abbey for sending me that link. Plus, if you win, I’ll make a personal visit to meet you, being that I live in NYC and State Farm is trying to set you up with cushy accommodations in the city for the game. And that’s better than a car and tickets, right?

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