Steelers Christmas Poems Rule

Look…PSaMP is a sports blog by a Pittsburgh fan for other Pittsburgh fans. Sport is no longer about the athletes and coaches. Media members, writers and yes, even the fans, contribute to the 24/7 coverage of sport.

I’m a huge fan of giving voices to the ordinary Joes that support the local teams, which is why most Youtube videos on the site are something ridiculous or dumb done by a fan. I’d be a jerk if I didn’t at least feature the fans’ perspective.

So with Christmas coming up real quick, we’re treated to a Steelers Christmas poem by some guy. Transcribing time:

For Christmas, I only want one thing.
And that’s a Steelers Super Bowl ring.
I won’t cry if there’s nothing under the tree.
Waiting until February is fine with me.
I hope my request isn’t too bold.
It’s just that I bleed Black and Gold.
I don’t need a present wrapped with a bow.
I need a game-winning touchdown throw.
And when the receiver hauls in that catch.
The opponents will know, they were no match.
Soon they will announce the game’s MVP.
That’s the Christmas gift I want to see.
Lots of cheer at my Super Bowl party.
As the Steelers hoist that silver Lombardi.

You’re welcome for writing that down, dude. Too bad you couldn’t mention Duce Staley or some shit.

Merry Christmas?


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