Steelers Fans Rule

With a fervor only Milwaukee Brewers fans can truly appreciate, Steelers fans once again show why rooting for the Black and Gold is so much fun. That reason, of course, is the group beer bong.

Sure, that Brewers beer bong might have had more hoses, but all you got was a picture, and those jerks easily could’ve been nursing their beer. With video technology firmly focused on this group of Pittsburghers, we get to see one of these bad boys in action. Older dudes were taking one to the face.

Next time someone (probably from Cleveland) tries to hate on you for supporting the Steelers, show ’em this video and proceed to call them and their fellow fans any group of insults you like. I prefer Asshat, Turd Burglar or Clown Shoes. Don’t limit yourselves to my choices, though.

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