Steelers Get Some Love From Madden

Time to bitch and moan.

The Penguins have only won in the Finals when I didn’t devote a post to them earlier in the day. It seems that if I write about the team, they lose.
So let’s talk Madden.

The team and QB ratings all popped up (via everyone: AA, MJD, SportsGamer, With Leather and Pasta Padre), and its time to look at how our Steelers stack up.

I’m not one to obsess over Madden (although I do love to play it), but the ratings mean that Madden is closer to arrival, which means football is in the foreseeable future, which means…Championship!

I wouldn’t be a true homer if I didn’t include that last bit.

The Steelers are the team to beat in the North, holding a respectable 6 point lead over the Clowns. I won’t even mention the Bengals and Ravens.

Big Ben still holds an edge over the other two QBs in the 2004 class. Roethlisberger’s 95 rating is ahead of Elisha Manning’s 93 and Douchebaggy Philip Rivers’ 90. Rookie Dennis Dixon only received a 60 in speed. Did the Madden guys watch him at Oregon? Or are they factoring in that he hasn’t played a game since his knee did things it shouldn’t have done in a game?

Oh, and Go Steelers (the kind that play on ice tonight. I can’t talk about them for fear of jinxing)!

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