Steelers Select Mike Humpal

With their 1st of 2 6th Round picks (unless they trade), the Steelers selected Mike Humpal, LB out of Iowa.

At 6-3, 242, Humpal could be the heir to Farrior and Foote on the inside (instead of Bruce Davis, as I thought of earlier).

Humpal’s already got the whole Black and Gold thing going on from his days as a Hawkeye, so its easy to see him fitting in with the Steelers (on a purely shallow, appearance-laden basis).

It must be noted that I am nothing but positive about any and all Steelers draft picks, and only wish for all of them to succeed. Are we likely to get a future starter in the 6th Round? Its a long shot, but there’s no negatives in drafting LB depth at this point in the draft.

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